Marcos Hortes Nisihara Chagas

Professional address

Federal University of São Carlos Department of Gerontology, Center for Biological and Health Sciences Rodovia Washington Luís, Km 235 CEP 13565-905- São Carlos, SP – Brazil Phone: 55 (16) 3351-8956 / (16) 9 8145-2367 Email:


Graduated in Medicine from Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro (2004), medical residency in Psychiatry at the Clinical Hospital of FMRP-USP (2008), specialist in Psychogeriatrics (AMB/ABP) (2012), Master (2010) and PhD (2013) in Neurology (Neurosciences) from the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo (FMRP-USP). Currently, he is a professor of the Gerontology Department of the Federal University of São Carlos and a mentor of the Graduate Programs in Psychology (UFSCar), Gerontology (UFSCar) and Mental Health (FMRP-USP). He is the coordinator of the Medical Residency Program in Psychiatry at the Bairral Institute of Psychiatry and the specialization course in Mental Health and Cognition at UFSCar.

Areas of interest

Psychogeriatrics, neurocognitive disorders, evaluation methods, social cognition, empathy, new treatments and innovation for the rehabilitation of neurocognitive disorders

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