Luiz Alberto Bechelli Hetem

Graduated in Medicine from the Medical School of Botucatu (UNESP) in 1985. Specialization in Ribeirão Preto with Professor Luiz Paulo Campos Bechelli, in the Psychiatric Hospital of Ribeirão Preto (1986-1990). Specialist in Psychiatry by the Association of Psychiatry and Brazilian Medical Association (1990). PhD in Mental Health, Psychopharmacology area, under the guidance of Prof. Frederico Graeff, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (USP) (1992-1995). Postdoctoral at INSERM Unit 405 – Psychiatric Service of the Civil Hospital of Strasbourg in France (1997-1998). Paticipates in the Mental Health Graduate Program of FMRP-USP since 1999. Approved for FAEPA Professor of Psychiatry in 2000, but did not take the position. Mentor in the program until 2006 having accomplished one Master”s and one Doctoral, and two co-mentoring together with Prof. Dr. Graeff. He was also co-responsible for the discipline “Experimental models of psychopathology in healthy volunteers”, taught regularly until 2009.

Research lines: psychobiology of anxiety disorders and cognitive impairment in mental disorders with emphasis on schizophrenia.

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