Former Mentors

Prof. Dr. André Jacquemin

Born in Belgium, graduated in psychology in his homeland from Université Catholique de Louvain (1965) and began teaching soon after this in the same University. In 1966 he was hired as a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto, University of Sao Paulo, where he remained until 2000, when he retired as full professor and permanent collaborator. Took his Doctoral in psychology from the University of São Paulo (1973), accomplished postdoctoral at the Université Catholique de Louvain (1981) and became Full Professor in 1983. Held numerous administrative positions in FFCLRP – USP, particularly the roles of Faculty Director and Vice-Director from 1986 to 1998. He also participated actively in activities at the Institute of Psychology – USP, where he served as associate professor and Psychology graduate mentor. Alpha Besides being scientific advisor to research funding agencies, created and chaired the Brazilian Association for Rorschach and Projective Methods (ASBRo), based in Ribeirão Preto (SP), leaving a long legacy of professionals and rich scientific and personal contributions to those who lived with him actively.

Profª. Drª. Clarissa Maria Ferreira Trzesniak

Endereço Profissional



Possui graduação em Psicologia pela Universidade de São Paulo (2007); Mestrado (2008) e Doutorado (2012) em Ciências pela Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Foi pesquisadora visitante do Instituto de Psiquiatria do King’s College London, Reino Unido, por 13 meses (2010-2011). Desenvolve atividades de pesquisa junto ao Departamento de Neurociências e Ciências do Comportamento da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto. Iniciou pós-doutorado em setembro de 2012, trabalhando com pesquisas nas áreas de neurobiologia da epilepsia pelo Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia – Medicina Translacional (CNPq). Tem experiência na área de Saúde Mental, com ênfase em Neurobiologia dos Transtornos Mentais, atuando principalmente em neuroimagem estrutural e transtornos neuropsiquiátricos.

Áreas de interesse

Neurobiologia dos Transtornos Mentais, Neuroimagem Estrutural e Transtornos Neuropsiquiátricos.

Profª. Drª. Edna Maria Marturano

Graduated in Psychology from University of São Paulo – Ribeirão Preto (1968), Master in Experimental Psychology from University of São Paulo (1971) and Doctor of Science (Psychology) from University of São Paulo (1973). She is currently Full Professor at Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto – University of Sao Paulo. Accredited mentor of the Psychology Graduate Program at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto / USP. Has experience in the areas of Developmental Psychology, and Psychological Treatment and Prevention, working on the following topics: risk factors and protection of children”s development, prevention of behavior problems in different contexts; educational psychology in learning difficulties, family and school performance. Dr. Marturano was an accredited member in the Mental Health Graduate Program since its inception until 2008, mentoring during this period 11 dissertations and two doctoral theses.

Profª. Drª. Florence Kerr-Corrêa

Graduated in medicine from the Faculty of Medical and Biological Sciences of Botucatu (FMBB) in 1971, took residency in Psychiatry at the Public Server Hospital of the State of Sao Paulo, graduate studies in neurology at USP-Ribeirão Preto (1979), post-doctoral at the Cambridge Hospital (Harvard University) and Full Professor in Psychiatry at the Medical School of Botucatu-UNESP (1991), where she is currently Professor of Psychiatry (1998). Leads the Mental Health research group – Psychiatry and Psychology and is part of the mentors / teachers of the Collective Health Graduate Program of FMB-UNESP. Her line of research focuses on epidemiology clinical characterization of mental disorders, especially those related to harmful use of alcohol and drugs and affective disorders in different populations. She was an accredited professor of the Graduate Program in Mental Health from 1995 to 2006, when she mentored four master”s dissertations and three doctoral theses. Currently, maintains research collaboration with other national institutions (Faculty of Medicine USP / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo-USP and SENAD) and international (World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, University of Washington, University of North Dakota and CAMH-Toronto).

Prof. Dr. Frederico Guilherme Graeff

Professor. Dr. Frederico Guilherme Graeff has a degree in medicine (Ribeirão Preto) from the University of São Paulo (1963) and doctoratal in Pharmacology from same university (1967). Took his Postdoctoral at Harvard University (1969) and was a Visiting Professor at Oxford University (1979). He has been a retired Professor of the University of São Paulo since 1995. Dr. Graeff has experience in the area of ​​pharmacology with emphasis on Neuropsychopharmacology, studying mostly following topics: anxiety, serotonin, periaqueductal gray matter and animal models of anxiety. From the year 2000 on, his main research subject has been the neurobiology of panic disorder.

Prof. Dr. Gerson Antônio Vansan

Prof. Dr. Isaias Pessotti

Prof. Dr. José Hércules Golfeto

Prof. Dr. Luiz Alberto Bechelli Hetem

Graduated in Medicine from the Medical School of Botucatu (UNESP) in 1985. Specialization in Ribeirão Preto with Professor Luiz Paulo Campos Bechelli, in the Psychiatric Hospital of Ribeirão Preto (1986-1990). Specialist in Psychiatry by the Association of Psychiatry and Brazilian Medical Association (1990). PhD in Mental Health, Psychopharmacology area, under the guidance of Prof. Frederico Graeff, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (USP) (1992-1995). Postdoctoral at INSERM Unit 405 – Psychiatric Service of the Civil Hospital of Strasbourg in France (1997-1998). Paticipates in the Mental Health Graduate Program of FMRP-USP since 1999. Approved for FAEPA Professor of Psychiatry in 2000, but did not take the position. Mentor in the program until 2006 having accomplished one Master”s and one Doctoral, and two co-mentoring together with Prof. Dr. Graeff. He was also co-responsible for the discipline “Experimental models of psychopathology in healthy volunteers”, taught regularly until 2009.

Research lines: psychobiology of anxiety disorders and cognitive impairment in mental disorders with emphasis on schizophrenia.

Prof. Dr. Marco Antônio de Castro Figueiredo

Graduated in Psychology from FFCLRP USP in 1973, Master in Educational Fundaments from the Federal University of São Carlos in 1980 and PhD in 1986 at the Institute of Psychology-USP in Experimental Psychology. Full Professor in 1994, in the Department of Psychology and Education at FFCLRP-USP in the area of ​​Health Institutions where he is a tenured Professor since August 2006. CNPq 1C Researcher, coordinates the Research Group on Psychosocial Aspects of Work in Health since 1998. FAPESP researcher since 1986.Accredited Professor of the Mental Health Graduate Program of the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto-USP, between 1992 and 2002, when he was responsible for the discipline RSM 7111 “Work, alienation and mental health” and the module “Construction of subjective scales” in the discipline ” Research instrumentation methods in mental health” offered by Professor Dr. Cláudio Roberto Carvalho Rodrigues. During his activities with this program mentored five Master”s and two doctoral dissertations. Since 1993 works in the Psychology Graduate Program of FFCLRP-USP where ten Master”s and ten Doctoral dissertations have been completed. Since 1996 Coordinates extension projects in the Psychosocial Care Program for AIDS of FMRP-USP Clinical Hospital, conducting research, extension and graduation in psychology besides activities in primary care in Family Health Strategy Centers. In over 34 years of academic activities with the Department of Psychology and Education at FFCLRP-USP, has always sought to bring together scientific research and community extension, aiming to create an active posture focused on community health in the education of students.

Profª. Drª. Maria Auxiliadora Campos

Graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN in 1972. Specialization in Psychiatry by HCRP-FMRP-USP, in 1973-1975. Master in Neurology from FMRP-USP in 1980 with the dissertation People with chronic mental disorders in the community: a psychosocial approach. PhD in Neurology in 1986with the thesis: The Day Hospital as an alternative care in psychiatry: opinions of patients and their families. Participated in the creation of the Mental Health Graduate Program. Responsible for the discipline The Dynamics of Human Relations both in the Psychiatric Nursing Graduate Program of the Nursing School of Ribeirão Preto-USP (1986-2002) and in the Mental Health Graduate Program of FMRP-USP (1993-2001). Mentored five master”s dissertations. Teaching part time since 1987, retired in 1996 after 21 years of service to the FMRP-USP, three as Assistant Professor in the Neuro-Psychiatry Health Agreement and 18 years teaching in FMRP-USP. Currently, Dr. Campos is a Psychoanalyst from the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Ribeirao Preto, affiliated to the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) since 2001 being part of the faculty as Full Member since 2010. Performs private practice since 1987.

Profª. Drª. Maria Clotilde Therezinha Rossetti Ferreira

Graduated in Philosophy from PUC-SP (1958), with specialization in Clinical Psychology from Sedes Sapientia-SP (1962). Concluded Doctorate in Psychology from the University of London (1967) and Postdoctorate at the Institute of Child Health, London (1975). She is currently a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Campus of Ribeirão Preto and Post-grant from CNpQ for Productivity in Research-Level SR. Dr. Ferreira has experience in psychology with emphasis on Human Development Psychology, developing work mainly on the following topics: adult-child and child-child interaction, affective bonds, Child Education, Family Fostering, Institutional Fostering and Adoption. Mentor in the Mental Health Graduate Program from 1992 to 2005, supervised five master’s dissertations and two doctoral theses.

Profª. Drª. Maristela Schaufelberger Spanghero

Professional Address

University of São Paulo, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto.
Rua Tenente Catão Roxo, 2650
Postal Code 14048-900 – Ribeirão Preto, SP – Brazil
Telephone: 55 (16) 36024607 Fax: 55 (16) 36024605


Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Behavior, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto, University of São Paulo (FMRP-USP). Graduated in Medicine from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in 1998, completed medical residency in Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (IPQ – HCFMUSP) and Ph.D. in 2001 from the Department of Psychiatry FM-USP in 2008. Postdoctoral taken at the Department of Neuroscience and Behavior, Faculty of Medicine of USP, campus of Ribeirão Preto (FMRP-USP), and a participant in PRODOC (Support Program for Institutional Projects with the Participation of Recent Doctors) from CAPES (2008 to 2011). Leads projects in Neuroimaging in Mood Disorders, investigating volumetric and neurochemical aspects in Psychotic Depression and coordinates the neuroimaging branch of a project that investigates the postpartum depressive states in a birth cohort in Ribeirão Preto. Member of the NAPNA group – Support Center for Applied Research in Neuroscience (Incentive Program for Research Sponsored by USP), which comprises ten USP research units in São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto. Mentor and supervisor in the Mental Health Graduate Program of FMRP-USP. Responsible for outpatient Depressive Disorders linked to the post-discharge service of the Brief Psychiatric Stay of HC-FMRP since 2010, overseeing the training of psychiatry residents. Also works as researcher at the Laboratory of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (LIM 21, HCFMUSP, where she collaborates, since 2002, in an extensive longitudinal epidemiological study of Psychotic Disorders, funded by the Wellcome Trust of UK, FAPESP and CNPq. In this project, she is directly responsible for the neuroimaging branch (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Geraldo Busatto Filho), which is one of the most extensive longitudinal studies of neuroimaging in psychosis to date. For the final phase of this project she was responsible for obtaining international financing upon receiving the Young Minds in Psychiatry award – Schizophrenia category, awarded by the American Psychiatric Association (APA / AstraZeneca). Received an award for best doctoral dissertation for two consecutive years by the Department of Psychiatry of FM-USP, and three international awards in scientific events (Young Scientist Awards) for her work in Neuroimaging in Psychotic Disorders. He participated in 53 scientific events having 34 abstracts published in journals. Since 2002 keeps teaching activities and supervision for medical graduation, medical residency in Psychiatry and the Mental Health Graduate Program and assists in mentoring scientific initiation students, some of them having been awarded for their works. Approved in public exams for Psychiatrist in the city of São Paulo, in USP-University Hospital and in the Institute of Psychiatry, HCFM-USP. He has experience in hospital-care days in Mental Health, Psychiatric Ward on General Hospital, Outpatient Mental Health and Liaison on General Hospital. Published twelve original articles (being eleven in international journals of high impact), an editorial and three book chapters. Line of research: Schizophrenia, Neuroimaging of Psychotic Disorders and Mood Disorders.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Spanghero has experience in Mental Health day care hospitals, Psychiatric Ward in General Hospital, Mental Health Outpatient Ward and Liaison in General Hospital. Published twelve original articles (eleven in international journals of high impact), an editorial and three book chapters. Line of research: Schizophrenia, Neuroimaging of Psychotic Disorders and Mood Disorders.

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Gorayeb

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Gorayeb graduated in psychology from FFCLRP-USP (1970). Master and PhD in Psychology (Experimental Psychology) from the University of São Paulo (1973 e 1979). Associate professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo, Works in the Clinical Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine – FMRPUSP, Regional Editor and member of the Editorial Board of the Behavioral Medicine Journal – Heldref Publications, participates in the Editorial Board of the journals “Aletheia” and “Brazilian Society for Hospital Psychology”. Ad hoc consultant for FAPESP – The State of Sao Paulo Research Support Agency and CNPq – National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development. He is a member in the Brazilian Psychological Society Counsel, being five times president of its precursor, the Psychological Society of Ribeirão Preto. Dr. Gorayeb has experience in Psychology, particularly in Health Psychology, developing research mainly in the following topics: Hospital Psychology, Health Promotion, Psychological Intervention, Public Health and Community Psychology. Works with Cognitive Behavioral theory. Currently mentors students in FFCLRP-USP Graduate Program.